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Welcome, to Barpy Money

We offer Free Recharge and Top Ups to Indian mobile users for just installing apps, doing surveys, offers, participating in contests, playing quiz etc. You get Barpy Points for doing these tasks which you can redeem to get free mobile recharge. Here, we are going to cover basic details that will help you to understand Barpy-Money. The first step you need to do is signup to our website with valid mobile number. Details are below:

Set up account with

  1. Go to Sign up page
  2. Enter valid mobile number and fill all required field
  3. Submit the form
  4. Check your email box for verification email
  5. If you didn't found email, check your spam folder
  6. Go to Login page and login with your username and password
  7. By login daily you can earn extra 5 Barpy Points (BP)


Steps to get unlimited recharge by installing apps

  1. Go to "Bonus Offers" tab and choose any offer
  2. For each offer you will get unique "Offer URL"
  3. Every time offer is completed with your Offer URL, free mobile recharge or BP will be added to you account
  4. You can do these offers as many times as you want but, every time it should be done on different mobile devices. Basically these offers are installing mobile apps. You can install iOS and Android apps from here.


Steps for doing Easy Recharge Offers

  1. Go to "Easy Recharge Offer" tab.
  2. Choose any offer and complete it.
  3. Each task you complete specified Barpy Points will be added to your account.
  4. But these tasks can be done only one time. Once you successfully complete any offer, you will not be able to do it again.


Mobile recharge by playing quiz

  1. Go to our quiz page
  2. There are different quiz available like easy quiz and english quiz.
  3. Select any quiz and earn 0.5 points for every correct answer in quiz.
  4. Each quiz contain 10 questions
  5. You can do any quiz only on time a day


You can also earn from our referral program

  1. In our referral system when someone signup to our website with your unique referral link, then that user become your referral and you will get 25% of his/her earning
  2. For every successful referral you made, you will get 1 Barpy Points extra.
  3. You can find your referral link here (My Points and Invite Friends)
  4. To know more about referral system you can go here


Steps to get recharge by participating in weekly contests

  1. Anyone can participate in our Barpy-money's Free Mobile Recharge Contest
  2. For participation in contest go to our contest page or participate below
  3. To enter into contest you have to submit your First name, Last name and E-mail address
  4. In this contest you have to perform simple tasks like visting a page, lake facebook page etc.
  5. For every task you complete, you will get an entry into contest. Do as many task as you can, more you have entries into contest more chances of your winning.
  6. For more details about contest you can go to our contest page


Steps to get redeem BP to get free mobile recharge

  1. Before redeem you need to login into website
  2. Go to "My Profile" -> "Redeem Barpy Points"
  3. Enter the BP you want to redeem
  4. Perform security check and click Redeem
  5. Wait for sometime, you will recieve mobile recharge on your registered mobile
  6. You can redeem any number of BP which is more than 200 BP
  7. There are other ways are also that you can use to earn free mobile recharge. Check "How to Earn More"

Conversion rate of Barpy Points:

200 Barpy Points = Rs 10



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