Frequently Asked Questions


Well, we have tried to cover all question here. Read them first and if some of your queries left, feel free to Contact Us.


Q. What i have to do to get free mobile recharge?

A. You only have to earn Barpy Points by doing easy recharge offers, bonus offers, inviting friends, playing quiz etc. Once you get 200 Barpy Points you can redeem them and get free mobile recharge.

Q. How to redeem Barpy Points?

A. Once your points goes above 200, you redeem from My Profile -> Redeem Barpy Points.

Q. What is the conversion rate of Barpy Points?

A. 200 Barpy Points = Rs 10 recharge. To get mobile recharge of Rs 15, redeem 300 Barpy Points. Redeem points according to mobile recharge plan you want.

Q. How can i earn free mobile recharge with "Easy Recharge Offer"?

A. Some of the Easy Recharge offer give direct mobile recharge or some give Barpy Points. You have to complete the offer as decribed in Action.

Q. How many times i can do same "Easy Recharge Offer"?

A. These offers usually include sign up offers. You can only do a offer one time only. Once you got points or recharge for doing a offer. You will not get any point for doing same offer again and again.

Q. How can i earn free mobile recharge with "Bonus Offer"?

A. These offer usually include download and install of apps offers. Every time you complete the offer you will get points. Follow the Offer Detail as descibed in offer to complete it.

Q. How can i earn unlimited mobile recharge with "Bonus Offers"?

A. Bonus Offers give unique Offer URL to every user. You can share this offer url to facebook , twitter, blog, website etc. Every time someone complete offer with your offer url, you will get points.

Q. How much time it will take to get points after competing offers?

A. At minimum it will take 2-3 minutes and at maximum it will take 1 day. 

Q. How much i can earn by "Referral"?

A. When you invite a friend and he/she join our website then your friend will become your referral and you will earn 20% of earning that your friend earn.

Q. How can i earn free mobile recharge by participating in "Free Mobile Recharge contest"?

A. We organise free mobile recharge contest every week. Winner of this contest get mobile recharge of Rs 10. To know more about contest - check here.

Q. Who can participate in "Free Mobile Recharge Contest"?

A. Anyone can participate in contest, you only have to register to contest with your valid email id. If you win the contest you will be contacted by this email id.

Q. Where i can get "Free Mobile Recharge Contest Result"?

A. You can check the contest result at Contest -> Contest Winner or on our Facebook page.

Q. How can i earn free mobile recharge by "Playing Quiz"?

A. You can earn 0.5 Barpy Points for answering the question correctly. Right now there are two types of quiz : Easy Quiz and Verbal Reasoning. You can only do 10 questions per quiz.

Q. What are the other ways to earn free mobile recharge?

A. Action                               Earning

    New User                         20.00 points

    Invite                                0.01 points

    Invite With Success        1.00 points

    Login Daily                       5.00 points

    Visit Page                         0.30 points

Q. Can all mobiles be recharged?

A. Yes we can recharge all mobile all over India.

Q. How much time it will take to recharge a mobile?

A. Once you redeem your points it will take 24 hr maximum.

Q. Where can i see my earned Barpy Points?

A. You can see your earning in My Profile -> My Points


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